Wildbird Expo 2015 :: Mexico, MO

Customer Comments

I think I can safely say that everyone at Gold Crest Distibutors has spoiled me for other shows. The hospitality shown to us as Vendors is definitely unlike anything I've ever experienced! The goody bags left at the hotel for us, and given to us when we checked in for set up were a God send, especially when we arrived late at night and found nowhere open to get a drink or snack. Everyone at Gold Crest was friendly and helpful, from offering to move our pallet out of the booth so we didn't have to work around it to giving us directions around the warehouse, it was all done with a smile. Mike in shipping was wonderful after I had the pallet packed and didn't know how to go about getting my Bill of Lading, he just told me to send him the information from my shipper and he'd do it for me, and my pallet is safely en route back to me.
In addition to the wonderful staff and hospitality that Gold Crest showed us, we had a great location for our booth, which led us to have a record breaking show. We surpassed our previous high show total by almost $1500! We were able to meet a lot of new people and obtain new customers, as well as write reorders for existing customers, some who had no intention of ordering until they saw our new items.
Gold Crest Wild Bird Expo is a great show to meet new customers and connect with existing customers. It is a perfect venue to debut new products and get honest opinions. The low cost for the show and the hospitality of everyone at Gold Crest has put this show at the top of my list of favorites for sure!

I can't wait till next year's show!

Tami L. Scone
Truebite, Inc
2590 Glenwood Rd
Vestal, NY 13850

Dear Mel,

This is a bit delayed, but I wanted to say thank you again for hosting Neil and I as well as the Wild Bird Center franchisees at this year’s Wild Bird Expo. This event (and Gold Crest) is becoming increasingly essential in our world and it was a pleasure to be part of it. I look forward to our continued partnership well into the future.
On a personal note, and as part of a family company, it resonated strongly with me to see your own family and staff fully engaged in the business. It was obvious how glad they were to be there and be part of a successful business practicing consideration and compassion for their customers. That’s not an easy accomplishment.
We look forward to next year. Thanks again, Mel!

My best,

George Jr.

Hello Goldcrest Family,

I would just like to thank you for having J & E Gifts there for the Bird Expo , I would like to thank everyone there because you are all like family to me I love seeing everyone's smiling faces everyone I asked for help was more than willing, in today's world that is very hard to find. I talked with so many molted and everyone of them says to work for this place is like a great big family that you never want to leave. May I say that is just amazing, may I also say the vendors this year as always was so helpful and the knowledge was unbelievable so many was willing to go step by step on how there product was created or how there products have been tested and proven effective in society today. I would also like to say thank you to all of the vendors that helped with meals by sponsoring. Thank you to all of our guest speakers who took the time to come and share with us again this year, your knowledge will help us as retailers understand more options for our own business. I look forward to see what is new and exciting next year and see all of my Goldcrest family again.
Once again Mel and entire staff thank you all for making this happen and possible every year.
Thank you

J & E Gifts
Moulton Iowa

Wild Bird Expo was wonderful (as always)! Especially liked the Birdtoberfest; complete with beertender wearing lederhosen! Everyone was helpful even getting everyone to and from with umbrellas (during all the rain)! :)

Kaye Douglas Young
St. Matthews Feed & Seed

Thank you so much for a wonderful trade show. Every person I dealt with from my driver, Shawn, to the warehouse and office personnel were always friendly, helpful and professional. I will certainly be back.

Carol Zipp
The Fat Robin

Your kind heart and generous soul have blessed so many people. Don't ever forget how much you mean.

Butch & Jan
Wild Birds Unlimited Chesterfield, MO

Dear Mel & Crew,
Great Show! You always amaze me. Bigger and better every year. Don't know how you do it, but keep it up. We really enjoy coming every year and your employees are great (which is hard to find).

Thanks again,
Stan & Mary

Dear Mel, Bev, Grant and Becky,
I would be remiss if I did not write you a personal note to thank you for the wonderful hospitality this past week. I appreciate the nice accommodations at the A.P. Green House, what nice owners and what a beautiful home. Thank you for the goody bag upon arrival, thank you for the wonderful meals each day both at the warehouse and at the country club. Thank you for the bird walk - I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the seminars that I attended and hopefully I'll follow through on some of my notes and implement some of the things I learned. Everyone was super helpful and friendly - as usual. Your business and your staff set a good example for all of us independent business owners on how we should be running our businesses - the attention to customer service is evident in everything you do. Thanks Mel for the heads up about Atlanta in January. Any advice on trade shows that would be good to attend would be appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Eric Moore

Hi, all. I just wanted to say what a terrific event you held in Mexico last week; many of the vendors I spoke with there (and I agree) feel that we have never been treated so well at a vendor event. Thank you so much for being such amazing hosts. I know that I took a good number of orders myself and saw customers with Princeton University Press books in their carts as they tooled by, so I hope that we'll see real pick-up in sales as a result of the event based on the additional business I'm sure Gold Crest did during the week.

Princeton University Press

Gene and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your hospitality and helpfulness toward us "greenhorns" from New Hampshire. We felt so welcomed - especially since we had never been to your show or to Missouri. We plan on making the trip again next year and are wondering if you could keep us in mind for lodging at the Holiday Inn again in Columbia (great accommodations). Please get this message to Shawn: "We're looking forward to our SUPERB driver in 2015." He'll know what we mean. Thanks to the entire staff for making your show run so smoothly and efficiently. We have a good idea of the effort involved.

Most sincerely,
Judy Ratta-Harrington - Gene Harrington
Nashua Farmers' Exchange, Inc.

Dear Mel and the entire staff of Gold Crest,
Thank you for another fantastic show! Please know that you, your family and the entire staff of Gold Crest are truly a world class act. If only all of the vendors that I deal with were as fantastic as you, my business world would be a paradise!

Don Fortin
Raymond, NH
P.S. My 5 grandkids really liked that box of chocolates!

Dear Brenda,
Thank you for all the hard work and endless hours that you have put into making the Expo a very successful and enjoyable trip. It is the best of all the shows that I attend during the year.

God Bless
Don Fortin
Raymond, NH

Thank you Mel, Bev, Becky, Grant, Chrystal, Cody, Vivian, Sandy, Cindy, Brenda and everyone else for another over-the-top Expo! I continue to be amazed at your second-to-none hospitality at each of these events. As usual, we got some great ideas from vendors, purchased some super products and went home enthused. It's very helpful to see the products you stock in person and also meet non-stocking vendors. We always love the garage sale and goodie boxes, too! A huge Thank You to all the vendors for just being there and for those who contributed products for the goodie boxes and helped sponsor events, hotels, and meals. You add incredible value to the Expo. Thank you. Even if Gold Crest doesn't change another thing about the Expo, it is still, in my opinion, an unparalleled event in any industry and a Huge help to retailers.

God bless you all!
Mary Schnebly
Wild Birds & Beyond, LLC

Thanks for the invite and hosting the Wild Bird Expo. I really enjoyed the event. I was very impressed with the people I met from your staff and other Bird store owners who were willing to share their experience and helpful tips to someone new in the business. I am looking forward to next year.

James Pellerin
Wild Bird Center
Covington, LA

Great show, once again. You guys are miracle workers. Hope you're finally getting caught up.

Birdhouse Spy Cam

You always have a top notch buying show and we look forward to it every year. Loved the polka band! We spent most of our time this year going aisle to aisle shopping your warehouse. Found so many great items we didn't know you had. Also, did a couple of big orders from your visiting vendors. A great show. So helpful to us that you have it right before Christmas shopping season. Thanks for putting us up in a motel and feeding us so well.
We will see you next year. Where do I sign up?

Hall's Hardware

This is the third year I have attended your Wild Bird Expo and it gets better each year! First, all of your employees are absolutely wonderful. I have never come across a single person working at Gold Crest who wasn't cheerful, helpful and smiling. You have an amazing staff and they make the whole experience fun and easy. You have a staff to be very proud of. Second, the seminars keep getting better and more interesting. The only problem with that is there never seems to be enough time to do everything I want to do. I have yet to make it Songbird Station and it's on my list every year! Third, I want to thank you and all the sponsors for putting this all together. I'm astonished by how much work this must entail, but it really is the highlight of my work year! Getting to meet and talk with other retailers, seeing all the vendors and products and attending the seminars make this experience priceless. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.

Melissa Block
All Seasons Wild Bird Store

Hi, Mel,
I am very busy getting ready for a show however I want to tell you before I fill out the Gold Crest Show form that I cannot imagine how you can possibly improve on your show! Nobody ever waited for a shuttle. The hotel was perfect. The food was comfort food and delicious! Your employees ran around serving lunch and beverages. The warehouse setup including the new Wine Room was perfect. The young people working for you are absolutely Midwestern best of Show! Polite and helpful. Even walking us from the food tent to the warehouse under an umbrella! I did not hear one "no" from anybody. Not even when I hinted (how rude of me) what will I do for dinner alone, Mel, to get my invite to the Country Club, thank you very much. Don't for a minute think I did not notice how many places I saw the Bird Guardians on display and they were all at eye level. Not to mention you set up my booth next to my favorite Hummingbird people. Your children did a great job. They were present constantly and always had a nice word or two. You were gracious as ever. As shrewd a business man as you are, you cannot escape having or hiding a good heart. Now last but not least. If I had been raised in a family with somebody like your wife Bev to watch over me as a youngster, my life would have been so much better. No wonder your kids are so special. I feel I got to know Bev this trip. As often as I turned around, there she stood, cute, petite and sweet as can be. No, I do not underestimate how smart she is. Behind every successful man is a strong woman. We know that. I just got a big kick out of her curiosity about my early days. I had a lot of fun dangling carrots in front of her and leaving her wondering. I will fill her in with more gossip soon. She is such a lovely woman. Bev standing there next to me was the highlight of my trip. She made me feel special.

Thank you, Patti
Audubon Entities, Inc.

Hello Mel & Gang,
I wanted to touch base regarding the show and TDI's participation. Since this was my first year, I had no idea what to expect. All of your team was very courteous, cheerful and helpful. Really big endeavor and you guys carried it off very well!

TDI Brands

Thank you again for the tradeshow. I can't imagine what an effort it is for you and your people to organize this event - it was very well done. It has been quite a while since I worked a trade show - I had a great time probably because the atmosphere in your warehouse was very relaxed and informal.

Little Dipper, Inc.

I had a seriously great time at the Expo! I was very impressed with what Mel and all of you go through to take care of us as vendors. Notice I said impressed and not surprised that kind of awesomeness is what we, as vendors, experience every day with Gold Crest! The Expo was just a physical, tangible manifestation of that awesomeness versus the typical over-the-phone-awesome experience. Meeting everyone at GC was great. It was nice to put faces with names after all these years! (though Vicki thought I would be "taller and darker" I think she was expecting Sam Elliot! LOL) I was also very impressed with the hospitality of Mexico as a whole. Very nice people! Thanks for everything! Looking forward to next year already (though I know y'all need a good, long break! LOL)

John Sommer
Wild Birds Unlimited
Little Rock, AR

Thank you again for the great three days of your hospitality. You and your staff are exceptional people! They work hard and are fun to work with. Very accommodating. Thanks again and see you next year.

Pam and Le
Cardinal Corner

Thank you again for inviting us to the Wild Bird Expo. Once again, my husband and I were very impressed with the organization, courtesy and helpfulness from everyone at the show. It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful show and is truly a breath of fresh air! We are looking forward to attending 2015!!

Thank you,
Shirley Szabo
Andreas Trivets

Just wanted to say thank you for a really well done show. I was very happy to be there, and be part of your vendor mix. I look forward to working with you.

Trip van Roden

I would like to thank you again for another great show. You guys have done a fantastic job with it so thank you for letting me be a part of it. I look forward to next year!

Dave McAleer
Premier Backyard Brands, Inc

Thank you for inviting me to your trade event.
I enjoyed working with Howard and your entire team.
I actively promoted your very clever "Wine and Wings" initiative with each Haley's Corker I demoed and gave away.
I appreciate your wonderful hospitality and valued business.

Jean E. Haley
Haley's Corker

Thank YOU and your team for a terrific show. Kudos to all!

Betsy Harrington
Woodstock Chimes

Laura and I would like to thank you and everyone at Gold Crest for another great show. Your hospitality and friendly manner make a person feel at home.

Best regards,
Laura and Doug
Elephant Dreams
Blue Handworksy

Hi Mel and Grant,
Really nice show. What a lot of work on your (and your team's) part! Good job on everything; I regret not being there in the past. It was nice putting faces to all the voices I've heard over the years.
You take care,

Kim Sena
Squirrel Stoppery

Hope it's a great Expo and thank you all for your part in growing the birding department at our store!

Ian M. Farthing
B. B. Barns Garden Company

Thank you again for inviting us to the Wild Bird Expo 2013 and we look forward to attending again this year. We were very impressed with not only the organization and kindness throughout the show, but also the quality of buyers walking through the Expo. I truly feel you set a wonderful example for the wholesale markets and more of them should take notes from your Expo.

Shirley Szabo
Andreas Trivets



Mel and gang,

Thank you for the great show! Everything was great and I don't know how you coordinate everything so well. We enjoyed ourselves, the seminars, the people, and the food.

See you next year and again thanks!

Pam and Le
Cardinal Corner



Thanks again for the invitation to your Wild Bird Expo event. It was great. It is great to see a true "distributor show" that is specifically designed for your customers rather than a show that is designed to generate income for producing the show as we see so often with other distributors.

I hope it was successful for you.

We will be sure to include it in the "recommended trade show list" we are preparing for 2014.

Rick Pontz
The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC


Mel and Everyone at Gold Crest,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the AMAZING Wild Bird Expo 2013, as well for your great hospitality.

Visiting the warehouse was very important for me seeing all the interaction that goes on between the pullers (Nate was an excellent example) and into the preparation to pack/ship an order.

Brenda did a tremendous job keeping the shuttles, hotels, and people on track and time to get everyone to their final destinations. Quite impressive how everything was coordinated.

In other words, you and ALL your staff did an outstanding job representing Gold Crest, therefore, I would like to sign-up for Wild Bird Expo 2014!!

Lissy Villa
NW Graceful Creatures, Inc - Lynnwood, WA



My wife and I here at J and E Gifts would like to say thank you for the great time. We learned more about your products and your staff. They were all very helpful, kind, and so willing to help out with answering questions and take the time to say hello. Thanks to all the vendors that came to the Expo, helped with the cost of meals that were provided to us. Thank you to your drivers who took the time to shuttle us around. Keep up the great work. Thank you all once again.

Jerry Meredith
J and E Gifts - Moulton, IA


Bev, Mel, Family & Staff -

You've done it again! Another wonderful show with excellent food and accommodations! You are just too good to us!

We had a wonderful time and thank you once again for your hospitality!

You all are the best!
Jim & Deb Parrott
Wild Birds Unlimited - Peoria, IL


Mel, Bev, Grant & Becky -

Thank You very much for a very nice time. Again, food was "Great", accommodations were "Great", we had such a "Great" time. It's nice to see everyone and I like putting faces to people I talk to all the time.

Thank you again,
Ron & Elaine
Wild Birds Unlimited - St. Louis


Dear Gold Crest Staff -

Thanks to each and every one of you for an outstanding Wild Bird Expo! Everyone was so helpful and always made us feel welcome. What an organizational feat to feed, house, and transport 100's of people! And you all did it with a smile.

It was wonderful to shop for new products and bargains and also, to socialize with our industry peers. Best of all, we loved the seminars and speakers with a never-ending supply of excellent ideas! You have sparked our imaginations!

Thank you again for a job well done! Gold Crest is an inspiring leader in our industry.

Dave & Cathy Ott
Rock Valley Garden Center, Inc.


Hello to everyone at Wild Bird Expo 2013 -

Thank you for believing in us, and helping us to attain the next level of our business. No words can express how excited and happy we are to have received our award & we will not disappoint!!

Until we meet again -

The meals provided were excellent, much appreciated, and gave a nice break without having to leave the site.

We could not have been more thrilled with the accommodations provided at the AP Green House B&B. Janine and MIke are wonderful hosts and it was nice to stay in a Christian founded home. Mike and I hit it off with like interests and this made the stay more like being with relatives or close friends.

You have, once again, hit a home run and we cannot wait until next year's event.

Dolly & Greg
Wild Flour Bakery



We just wanted to say thank you for the gracious hospitality accorded to us by you, Beverly, and all your staff during the Expo.

As usual, we had a wonderful time and learned a few new things. (who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? *:)) laughing) The birding expeditions were well ran and the guides spoke very highly of you and your staff. The speakers were excellent and the mix of vendors was well thought out and diverse.

The meals provided were excellent, much appreciated, and gave a nice break without having to leave the site.

We could not have been more thrilled with the accommodations provided at the AP Green House B&B. Janine and MIke are wonderful hosts and it was nice to stay in a Christian founded home. Mike and I hit it off with like interests and this made the stay more like being with relatives or close friends.

You have, once again, hit a home run and we cannot wait until next year's event.

Ronnie & Deborah Early
Wild Birds Unlimited


Dear Mel,

I wanted to first thank you for including us at your Wild Bird Expo 2013. Over the years, we have been vendors in many shows, but honestly, we have never been treated so wonderfully as we were by you and your staff. Everyone from Brenda and your office staff, to your warehouse crew were just great. Thanks also for all the great food, snacks and beverages. We really do appreciate all of your generosity! The relaxed atmosphere was nice for vendors and the customers to have a chance to take time and visit without feeling hurried and overwhelmed by the size of the show. This show gave us the opportunity to meet many new customers and prospective customers that we have never seen before.

Thanks again Mel! We hope to come again next year!

Sue & Tony Otero
Lone Wolf


Mel, Bev, Grant, Becky and staff,

Thank you once again for a most fun and productive time at the Expo!

It's invaluable to see, touch, and play with products. We love the garage sale and non-stocked vendors and seeing stocked items we haven't seen before. And it was just great seeing everyone. Every single person was so very helpful and went above and beyond to be nice and answer our questions and help us with whatever we needed- I wish I could remember everyone's names- Sandy, Vivian, Cody, Cindy, Erin, Dawn, Brenda, Chrystal, Judy, Terence. And the gentleman who pulled my weekly order was so very nice, as well.

There was another young gentleman in the warehouse that helped us find a few different things on the shelves- Bradenton or something like that was his last name, but I can't remember his first name! He was over the top helpful and professional and I wanted to make sure to mention him. I hope you know who I'm talking about. I know he mentioned he had a young child and that his girlfriend loved horses. He helped us find Cobane, Evergreen and Pine Bush products and he had a turquoise necklace on.

I also truly enjoyed getting to visit with Sandy, Vivian, Cody and Chrystal. They were so busy, but always took the time to help us and chat!

Judging from the laughter and continual smiles from everyone, you know they enjoy what they do and truly appreciate customers.

The food was super, as always. We especially loved Porky's BBQ! Wow! And the pancake guy was hilarious. There is nothing like laughter to help you wake up in the morning.

A huge thank you to Gold Crest and all the vendors who sponsored food and hotels. It's those things that made us able to return for the 5th year in a row!

You all makes us feel like million dollar customers, even though we're not, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. And through that, maybe one day we WILL be million dollar customers!!! :)

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26.

Mary & Michael Schnebly
Wild Birds & Beyond, LLC


WOW! What an incredible show. Mary Ellen - Drs. Foster & Smith


Thank you for the update and the show. Great to meet and speak with strangers that share a common bond. This was my third year visiting and every visit is very worthwhile. So far for the year our bird store sales are up 18% over our record sales last year. Me thinks (knows) the show has helped the double digit growth. My Best to all involved. Josh Williams - Old Bobs


Dear Mel and staff, We used the excuse of travelling to MO from OR to continue an extended vacation, so we've only just returned home. Therefore, please excuse the delay in this thank you. We had a wonderful time, we learned a lot, we found new items for the store, and we met some nice people who had ideas we might be able to use. You and all the staff were so friendly and helpful, even when we got in the way of the fellows pulling and packing orders! Overall it was a valuable experience, and we would certainly advise the new buyer coming on next year to attend. Thanks again for inviting us. Norman and Carolyn Penner
Nature's Overlook
Sherwood, OR.


Thank you so much for your hospitality and the awesome opportunity to learn at the Wild Bird Show! We sincerely appreciate the accommodations, shuttle service, and outstanding meals you provided. Your staff was so kind and helpful to us in placing our order, learning about the many great products you represent, and answered all questions with a smile! You have an amazing team! Bloom Farm is a small shop in comparison to many of your other customers, but we were treated like your biggest and best customers. Thank you again for making this buying trip so enjoyable and productive. We can't wait until next year! Best Wishes and God Bless!
John & Tracy Penney
Bloom Farm


I want to say thank you so much for taking such good care of all of us. This was my first expo and the experience was fantastic!! Jennifer Kruse
Jennifer's Feed & Supply


Oh my goodness! I don't know how you do it! What a fabulous Expo! This was my 1st time visiting and I am glad I did. Thank you for providing the shuttle service, hotel and great meals. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Nice to see product, meet vendors, and place a face to all the voices I speak to on the phone. Thank you again. I had a great time. Elyse Wistreich
Wild Birds Unlimited
Mishawaka, IN


Thank you so much. Everything was great. This is the best tradeshow we've attended. Your speakers were fantastic. As I write this, Ron and I are changing our store around and signs. Also, we had a fun time
Thanks again, Ron & Elaine
WBU St Louis


Thank you all so very much for your hospitality, generosity and hard work to make the 2012 Expo such a success. Please extend my thanks to the appropriate vendors for their sponsorship of food and activities and to all vendors for their attendance. Please pass Huge thanks to every single GC employee for their hard work. Everyone was so nice (as always), everything was efficient and organized (the increase in signage in the warehouse was very helpful), informative and FUN! The food was super as usual and we really appreciated the fruit and veggie trays, as my husband is diabetic.
We learned a lot, met a lot of super people, saw a lot of great products, and bought some great items. Loved the garage sale, as usual, and appreciated some of the regular items like the squirrel spinners and squirrel-a-whirls being out there, in addition to everything else that was included.
Your Wild Bird Expo's are truly one-of-a-kind. Not only because of the special niche market, but because of your over-the-top hospitality and generosity that you don't find at other conventions. We simply couldn't afford to come were it not for Gold Crest covering hotels and meals. And the Goodie boxes, garage sale and all the specials help us so much. We are truly humbled and very grateful.
I always come away with renewed enthusiasm to keep plugging away! Sign us up for next year!!!!
Mike and Mary Schnebly


I wanted to compliment you on a fantastic event. We were delighted with the array of vendors and excited about the new products. Your hospitality and the warmth and efficiency of the staff deserves a standing ovation. Scott & Georgene Collier


Margi and I want to thank you, Bev and ALL of the staff at Gold Crest for an OUTSTANDING 3 days! The Wild Bird Expo is always a highlight of our year and we look forward to coming (and buying) each year. Thanks again for everything you and your staff accomplished during our stay. You really make all of us feel special! Tim & Margi Griffith
Wild Birds Unlimited of Evansville


It has been a long haul in this nature store... starting our eighteenth year. I wonder, will I ever be able to pass it on to another owner with taking them to the warehouse sale and letting them know you all are part of our success. Barbara Brebner
For the Birds/DePere


This is a Great opportunity for us to get away and refresh for a few days. We get lots of good ideas for new product and we can see it in person (this means a lot). Good Food & Fun!! Thanks to Mel & His Great Staff! Jim Parrott
Wild Birds Unlimited / Peoria

First time visitor - it was Great. Thank you for having us. We WILL be back next year. Steve - Cool Ponds




All of you do such a terrific job & you make it so beneficial for us to come. It truly is hard to complain. Thank you for all of your efforts to make it as educational, friendly and helpful to our success as possible. Your commitment to provide items for use across many types of stores makes it worth our coming!
Judy Myer - Janet's Floral Design



Thanks so much for the wonderful Open House event. Steve & I were blown away! It is almost too much to believe. I have already used suggestions from the 30 ideas in 30 minutes seminar.
Luann Linker - Wild Birds Unlimited/Royal Oak




Thank you very much for having me at the Greatest Trade Show on Earth! The atmosphere you create is absolutely fantastic! The people, the products and the fun add up to a terrific time.
Connie - Marinette Farm & Garden




Thank you for an amazing event. You really took care of everything. Not only did I do some great buying, but I learned some very useful things at the seminars. Thank you so much! I'll be back again.
Carroll - Maine Audubon




Just a note to say "Thank You" for the hospitality and good cheer. We attended your event for the first time and were very impressed. I appreciate the opportunity to bring a store manager and have them experience your working ethic. It will help now that she can put a place in her mind to relate to. This is a great business move and we certainly appreciate it.
Marcia - Wild Birds Unlimited/Franklin & Goodlettsville, TN

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